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Aquaflex Dust Control System

Aquaflex Dust Control System

For Eliminating Dust and Silica Exposure.

Patented system ideal for keeping down dust for all models of angle grinders on sale.

The system transforms a normal angle grinder into a professional, water-cooled saw.

Ideal for the:

  • Total reduction of dust and consequently cancellation of silica exposure.
  • Guarantees extended service life of the diamond blade.
  • Increase the speed and the finishing of the cut and drastically reduced damage caused by repeated exposure to dust and debris.
  • Follow the recent laws on dust reduction

Available for models compatible with 100mm (4 inches), 115mm (4,5 inches), 125mm (5 inches) and 230mm (9 inches) diamond disks as well as 180mm (7 inches) double disks for making grooves.


Can be used with all angle grinders, thanks to the universal coupling system of the enclosure. Starting the grinder automatically starts the pump that sends water directly to the disc. A 5 litre water tank ensures many hours of work without interruption.

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Aquaflex Dust Control System Silica Exposure
Dust Shrouds

Dust Shrouds

We sell a full range Of Dust Shrouds to suit most 5"-125mm and 9"-230mm Angle Grinders.

Models Available:

Hover Hood Dust Shrouds

Grinder-Tec Dust Shrouds

  • 125mm Grinder-Tec MK3 Rubber Shroud with pop up Front
  • 175mm Grinder Tec MK11 Dust Shroud Made of high grade polyurethane - exceptional wear life (not recycled vinyl) with Pop up Front (Fits on Most 9"-230mm Angle Grinders 
  • Cyclone MK-IXl 7"-175mm Dust Shroud with Pop up Front
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Demolition Saws

Demolition Saws

Husqvarna and Clipper Norton Demo saws for cutting concrete in alteration and new concrete work.

Specifications - Husqvarna Models

Model K760 Model K970
Engine Air cooled 2 stroke 360mm
Displacement 74cc 94cc
Power 3.7kw 4.8kw
Blade capacity 350mm 400mm
Cutting depth 125mm   145mm

Clipper Norton I Lube - Model CP514

With the world's first patented automatic lubrication system, iLube®, the Norton Clipper CP500 iLube high-speed cut-off saw may be new to the stage, but it's destined to be a star on any crew.

It's fully designed with the user in mind to not only cut a smooth, fast track, but it's also fully equipped to handle the everyday performance of any jobsite with unrelenting durability and reliability.

K-Kub Single Phase Floor Grinder

K-Kub Single Phase Floor Grinder

A work of art requires a good canvas, and the K-Kub properly prepares any floor. Glue, epoxy and paint removal is a breeze without back-breaking effort.


  • Adjustable Air Flow can be used with any vacuum system
  • Compact so it stores easily
  • Easy to Control for both wet/dry grinding
  • Floating Head Dust Shroud to pick up maximum dust 
  • Height Control (three positions) to cater for all operator sizes 
  • Left or Right handed operation 
  • Level Adjustment on rear wheels for a perfectly even surface result 
  • Lightweight for transportation and handling
  • Robust right to wall grinding 
  • Safety Trigger mechanism on rear handle

Technical Data

  • Plate Size: 250mm
  • Motor Size: 2.2KW, 240V, RPM 1450/min
  • Vacuum Port Size: 51mm
  • Weight: 47 kilos
Hand Grinders

Hand Grinders

Eibenstock EBS1802 Hand Held Grinder. 5"-125mm Disc size. (Made in Germany)


  • Powerful motor – high capacity
  • Electronic – soft start, over load protection cut-off, optical overload indication
  • EBS 1802 SH – the machine for every surface: PCD-grinding wheel with monobloc diamonds – high removal rate and long lasting
  • Foldable front edge of dust guard – for grinding directly to the edge of the work area (no laborious reworking, saves time and costs)
  • Brush rim – high suction power for dust-free working by connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner (accessory) to the 35 mm nozzle
  • Parallel handle position – ergonomic handling allows exact and balanced guiding for a better surface finish
  • Floor guiding device – available as accessory (not for use with PCD grinding wheels)


  • Grinding and smoothing of surfaces
  • Removing of screed seams, residual mud, plaster and coatings
  • Preparing of surfaces, e.g. for tile renovation
  • Concrete, screed, tile adhesive, plaster, paint, coatings, carpet adhesive – with special grinding wheels (accessories)

Technical Data

  • Power input: 1,800 WT
  • Rated voltage: 230 V ~
  • No-load speed: 10,000 rpm
  • Disc diameter: 125 mm
  • Spindle connection: Ø 22.2 mm
  • Weight: 5.9 kg)
Floor Saws

Floor Saws

Clipper Norton C1318P Push Saw

Norton C1318P clipper small push saw with diamond blade, Honda 13hp, 18" blade capacity, manual start.